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  You save again by picking up stoves and accessories in TAX FREE New Hampshire.  Pick up in Newport or Enfield, NH or we can arrange deliver in NH or anywhere in the US or Canada.
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Plan ahead and feel good.
   Have you a son or daughter, father or mother, good friend or yourself using oil or propane
 to heat a home or business? 
  Most biofuels (corn, wood pellets, cherry pits, several others) produce over twice the  heat for the same dollars spent for the same Btu's used.  What's that means in English or French, Spanish, Greek and many, many, more languages, is?  
You cut your fuel bill in half or more and are warmed again in your home or business.
  Why give 1/2 your heating money away every year?  Invest your money this time in an efficient, enjoyable, good looking, pleasing, pellet stove, furnace or boiler that gives your money back.  The best way to save money is not to spend it in the first place. Benjamin Franklin says,
 "Common Sense is un-common".
 Don't be cold ever again in winter.   You can afford to turn that dial up again, or program it on site or and some remote.  With our boilers, you can also say good by to your winter hot water bill and enjoy waving, that's right, to the oil or propane truck. As it passes by.

Now is the time
for you to save
on your heating cost
but also enjoy
the stove, boiler
or furnace that
makes it happen.
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